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About BS Auto Stuff

It all started with a love of cars!

Who doesn’t love to see a clean, shiny, neck-breaker of a car rolling down the road? That’s where we step in.

BS Auto Stuff is here to ensure your garage is always stocked with top notch auto stuff. From interior to exterior, we have you covered. We started in 2023 out of a garage in a cornfield, researching and testing products on our own pride and joys.

Now, BS Auto Stuff is all we use on our own cars, whether it’s our 370z, supercharged E46 M3 or Porsche Cayenne. With our American made car detailing supplies, we know you won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to you enjoying our stuff as much as we do. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate the support!

Enjoy your stuff,

Mike and Dez